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Balanced highly concentrated formula of essential trace minerals

   Composition:      Mode of action:

Content per Kg powder:

Iron (Fe), as Iron sulphate                    22 800  mg

Copper (Cu), as Cupper sulphate              4 700 mg

Manganese (Mn), as Manganese oxide     25 000 mg

Zinc (Zn), as Zinc oxide                          28 500 mg

Iodine (I), as Calcium iodate                       500 mg

Cobalt (Co), as Cobalt carbonate                 480 mg

Selenium (Se), as Selenium selenite             140 mg

  • Minerals are essential for the operation of many regulatory and anabolic physiological functions. 
  • Animals need very small amounts of trace minerals that are critical for performing essential body functions associated with life, like bone growth, digestion, blood and body fluid processes, vitamin utilization, muscle activity, reproduction and internal organ functioning.
   Indications:      Recommended dose:
  • Prevention or treatment of mineral deficiencies in farm animals.
  • Stress conditions such as recovery periods, after diarrhoea, extreme environmental changes or change of feed.
  • Improvement of FCR.
  • Decreased hatchability or fertility problems.


Starters:   2.5 kg. per 1000 kg. feed. 

Growers:   2.0 kg. per 1000 kg. feed.

Layers:      2.2 kg. per 1000 kg. feed.

Breeders:  2.5 kg. per 1000 kg. feed.

   Withdrawal times:      Packing:
  • None.

25 kg package or other size.