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M-F-T free

Long acting and broad spectrum mold inhibitor for all animal feeds

   Composition:      Mode of action:
  • Synergistic combination of propionic acid, silicate and other organic acids in a balanced mixture.
  • Propionic acid and other organic acids inhibit fungal growth in feed ingredients, complete feed and total mixed rations.
  • High PMIE (Propionic acid Mold Inhibition Equivalent).
  • Silicates promote the excretion of mycotoxins and reduce their negative effect on animal health and performance.
   Indications:      Recommended dose:
  • Preservation and protection of feed and feed ingredients from a wide range of molds and yeast growth.
  • Reduces mold contamination for extended periods of storage.
  • Decreasing negative effects of mycotoxins.
  • Helps improve palatability of feed and thereby feed intake.
  • Minimizes dustiness, caking phenomenon and discoloration of feed.
  • M-F-T free is recommended at the rate of 0.5-2 kg per ton of feed depending on relative humidity, storage length and temperature.
  • M-F-T free should be stored in a cool, dry place protected from sunlight.
   Withdrawal times:      Packing:
  • None
  • 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg package.