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Highly effective Mycotoxin binder against most mycotoxins present in feedstuffs


   Composition:      Mode of action:
  • Mixture of natural mineral (aluminum oxide, aluminosilicate, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, oxides of sodium, potassium oxide)
  • TOXI-Free binds irreversibly to mycotoxins and prevents them from being absorbed from the gut into the blood circulation.
  • Silicates promote the excretion of mycotoxins and reduce their negative effect on animal health and performance.
  • Synergistic effect of TOXI-Free components strengthens the adsorption capacity and efficiency against different Mycotoxins especially Aflatoxins, T-2 toxin, deoxynivalenol (DON), Zearalenone and Ochratoxin.
   Indications:      Recommended dose:
  • Decrease negative effects of mycotoxins.
  • Binds mycotoxins and prevents absorption of mycotoxins.
  • Improves feed storage quality for extended periods of storage.
  • Improves feed intake and FCR by improving palatability of feed and decrease gut PH.
  • Improves animal’s performance and production.
  • TOXI-Free is recommended at the rate of 2,5 kg per ton of finished feed that could be increased up to 5 kg per ton depending on relative humidity, storage length and temperature.
  • Toxi free should be stored in a cool, dry place protected from sunlight.


   Withdrawal times:      Packing:
  • None
  • 20 kg package.