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Special Seaweed PLUS blend of Extract Herbal known for their ability to help maintain stamina, a strong immune system, resistance to stress, and fast recovery rates. Immunity Plus contains herbs rich in minerals and vitamins.




   Eminent Health Benefits:
  • Improves specific immune response resulting in optimum antibody production post vaccination.
  • Increases non-specific immune response for overall protection against various infectious agent.
  • Working on the root cause of the stress which is increased cortisol level in the blood.
  • Also having immune modulating and performance enhancing properties.
  • Better hatchability & egg production, low egg rejection, better maternal antibody transmission to chick.
  • Increased feed intake and FCR
    Recommended Usage:      Pack (Net Weight):

When chicks under additional stress (travelling, breeding) vaccination (used before and after vaccination to improve the vaccine immunity). After the usage of multi-treated antibiotics, we recommend using Immu Plus 500ml per 1000L of drinking water.


Each bottle of Immu Plus contains 500ml.